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Lisa Altieri, RN, CHHC

Lisa has been a practicing registered nurse since 1997, having graduated from Presbyterian School of Nursing in Charlotte, NC. She went on to specialize in Pediatric Home Care with the special needs population, a supervisory position in home health, and, further, geriatric home health care. Throughout her nursing career, Lisa has linked her compassion to the connection between mental and physical health. This led her to further her education in the area of holistic wellness.

In 2010 Lisa achieved her Holistic Health Coach certification. She has continued her education through attendance at various seminars and lectures with a special interest on the Gut-Brain Connection. Lisa is passionate about educating clients on the connection between our diet and our mental wellness. She has expertise and experience in teaching her clients effective ways to achieve both physical and emotional well-being.

As a health coach, she provides individual and group sessions, as well as mentorship and strategies to optimize client’s physical and mental wellness. Her one-on-one, nonjudgmental approach integrates nutrition, exercise, and holistic modalities. Her approach empowers individuals to take charge of their physical and emotional health and to adopt a lifelong plan instead of jumping onto the latest trend.

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Working with Me | Lisa Altieri

     Has your doctor said, “you need to drop some weight”? Or maybe, “you need to get more sleep?" Yet there is no plan on exactly how to do this. Perhaps this is something you have been experiencing for a while now. Maybe you have been experiencing low energy, brain fog, constipation, mood swings, digestive issues, inability to deal with stress, or trouble sleeping. Have you been feeling heavy, uncomfortable, and down right miserable? Are you longing for your old self? Have you often thought, "Where do I begin? What exercise may be right for me? How can I stay on track this time? I need accountability." Maybe you keep saying “Ok, I will get going after I get through …this thing.” I am here to tell you there will always be another “THING.” Always! 

     Are you ready for a lifestyle change and not just another diet trend? Are you ready for a partner, a guide on your side, a mentor in your corner? Are you interested in learning how to cook delicious, easy recipes? Learn how to organize your kitchen so that you are cooking “smarter” with less waste, less prep time, and more organization.

     Enter Lisa Altieri, RN, and Certified Holistic Health Coach. Lisa has a step-by-step, non-judgemental approach (with a little humor along the way). Lisa’s program will take you on an eye-opening journey to discover your best self. These sessions are tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs. Lisa believes that by educating others on how their bodies work and which organ does what that her clients become more interested and more invested in their day-to-day health. These sessions are taught in simple-to-understand terms so that everyone can learn to “love their liver” and to “be thoughtful to their thyroid."

     These are just a few examples of the sessions that she offers in her program. Each session is packed full of handouts that can be set up in a notebook or emailed, whatever the client’s preference is. 

     Lisa’s passion is the connection between our guts and our brains. She thrives on educating others on this topic and how it relates to their overall health, including mental wellness. Looking for a speaker for your next event? Lisa speaks on many wellness topics, including “healthy eating at college and beyond." This topic was was a big hit with Wofford College students.

David Altieri

     David has been in clinical practice for the past 30 years since graduating in 1989 from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. He relocated to Charlotte and has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including private practice, hospital and non-hospital-based outpatient clinics, industrial rehabilitation, and orthopedic/sports medicine.

     During the course of his career in physical therapy, David has continued to remain current on best practices and evidence-based care in the areas of orthopedics and sports medicine. He went on to earn his doctorate in physical therapy in 2012 and obtained certifications in orthopedics, strength and conditioning, orthopedic manual therapy, and myofascial trigger point dry needling.

     Unlike busy outpatient settings where patients often spend much of their treatment time exercising unsupervised, David values the importance of direct contact with his patients throughout the treatment session. He understands the value patients place on their time and realizes how important the 1:1 therapist to patient ratio is. This model of care optimizes continuity of care and leads to more positive outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.


     Using a holistic approach towards treating all his patients, David prefers to apply a hands-on approach using manual therapy skills and non-pharmacological modalities. His treatment approach has led to successful outcomes for his patients while minimizing side effects that traditional medicine can cause.


     David is a former national-class distance runner who once competed for Brooks Shoe Company in the early-mid 1980s. He has always held a love for running and has been an invited speaker at area running stores and running symposiums. 

     He has a strong background and interest in the areas of athletic injury management and prevention (including the young athlete and weekend warrior), the prevention of running-related injuries, balance and gait training in the elderly, concussion management, and prevention/treatment of spinal conditions (e.g.. spinal stenosis, disc problems, sciatica, and arthritis).

     Having had the opportunity to work both as a clinic manager and staff therapist in the outpatient orthopedic setting, David understands the importance of excellent customer service. A patient’s time is valuable, and they desire to be heard and understood. He has learned to appreciate the value of listening during every patient encounter. 

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