David Altieri

Si Kahn

David Altieri literally changed my life. I had never heard of “needling” before. But now, after years of pain, at 75 years old I’m living pain free. I see David regularly on a maintenance basis. He’s deeply professional, skilled, and easy to work with. If you would like more details about my experience with him, please email me at sikahn36@gmail.com to set a time to talk.


Sean Tyndall

I’ve been seeing David for about 3-4 years with various issues ranging from rotator cuff soreness to calf strains, lower back pain and upper neck strains and he has always given me the best treatment and advise on how to not only relieve the pain but how to fix it long term. I highly recommend him.


May Yap

David is a fantastic physical therapist! On my first visit, he was very thorough, asked all the right questions, and was able to quickly and accurately diagnose my issues. His treatment plan, dry needling combined with stretching exercises at home, was effective. I highly recommend him.

Lisa Altieri

Suzanne Wildman
Columbia, SC

It’s been he best decision I’ve ever made! So far I have lost 25lbs, and I have never felt better!  

From day one she tailored the program to meet my specific needs, and her knowledge of healing foods, health and exercise and its part it played in my life was amazing, and so insightful. After many years of trying to do it myself I have finally learned what it truly means to live a healthy life!  I felt like a failure. Lisa met me where I was, and propelled me forward without judgement. I feel like a new person and I’m loving the fact that I am knocking out my goals, and enjoying different foods. 


Lynne Mullin
Associate Director of Entrepreneurial Programs at Wofford College
Suzy Crawford
Concord, NC

I have have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa Altieri since 1997. She is constantly thinking of how to do something for someone else and how she can help them. She is one of the most organized and thoughtful individuals I have ever met. Her insight and knowledge is expert, and she is a great listener! She is a planner and can see the big picture as well as all the little details it will take to get something done. Lisa has always used her training and expertise to as a health professional along with her understanding of eating healthy/exercising/ and stress management, to look at a person’s whole well-being for life. She once told me she felt like she was born to help others, and that is what I have seen for sure.

Most importantly Lisa has an innate love of people, she has a heart for helping others and her desire to make a difference has never wavered. 


Lisa is a role model for her values, principles and beliefs about healthy living. She approaches everything in her life with compassion and enthusiasm and has the innate ability to combine her vast knowledge with an amazing sense of humor to shift the hearts and minds of the people whose lives she touches. 

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