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Social Distancing from Back Pain

Back pain effects nearly 80% of us costing $100 billion annually. Majority of people seek treatment from their primary doctor. Often, the first step in care is medication and rest. If after several weeks you aren’t better, you may be referred to a spine specialist or possibly to physical therapy. This may take an additional week or even longer before receiving treatment. At this point, you have been suffering for weeks or even months before getting proper treatment.

back pain physical therapy exercises
Back Pain

Research has shown that within just a few days, our back muscles begin to atrophy (get smaller) and weaken. Unresolved back pain leads to greater weakness and stiffness, which affeDurincts are ability to move and function in our daily lives.

What can you do when you hurt your back or simply wake up in pain? I suggest the following conservative measures to help reduce the pain and get you moving better.

1. Apply cold (not heat) to your back for 15-20 minutes several times per day

2. Support your lower back with a pillow or rolled-up towel whenever seated (chair/car)

3. Avoid bending and twisting with your back

4. Tighten your abdominals (draw-in your belly button towards your spine while breathing normally – “tuck-in”) when you roll over in bed, rise from sitting, reach overhead or below your waist

5. Remain active – use relative rest instead of bedrest - This means keep moving as pain allows

6. Try these basic back exercises to relieve pain and keep you moving safely. As you perform the exercises, they will get easier with practice. Be sure to perform exercises until you feel a gentle “pull or tension” – avoid strong pulls or pain:

Stomach Prop

stomach prop back exercise
Stomach Prop

Hold position for several minutes – can apply ice pack while lying on stomach


press up back exercise
Press Up

Perform 10 times several time a day

Back Bending

back bending pain therapy
Back Bending

Perform throughout the day to decrease stiffness and pain

Open Books

open book back pain therapy
Open Book

Perform 10 times to each side 3 times a day

Leg Stretch

leg stretch back therapy
Leg Stretch

Perform 10 times holding stretch 5 seconds 3 times a day

Hip Stretch

hip stretch back pain therapy
Hip Stretch

Perform 2 times holding stretch 30 seconds each side 3 times a day

Cat and Cow

cat cow back pain therapy
Cat and Cow

Perform 10 times 3 times a day

Knee to Chest

knee chest back pain exercise
Knee to Chest

Perform 2 times holding stretch 30 seconds each side 3 times a day

Add the two back strengthening exercises below once your pain eases – perform each for a total of 2 minutes – take rest breaks as needed but complete 2 minutes total.


swimmer exercise back pain
Swimmer Exercise


bridge exercise back pain
Bridge Exercise

To learn more about specific exercises to address your specific needs, contact us for a free consultation.

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